3 Tips For Email Marketing Like A Pro

3 Tips For Email Marketing Like A Pro

Email Marketing is a crucial part of a good digital marketing strategy. When used correctly, it can be used to build huge engaged audiences, nurture long-term relationships with customers and generate huge sales figures! Here are our tips on taking your email marketing strategy to the next level.

1. Build an engaged audience

Short-term sales are good, but building a long-term engaged audience is crucial to lasting success in digital marketing. Email is a great way to inform your target audience directly, answer their questions, highlight your USPs and convert them into customers. A newsletter sign-up on your site is a great way to filter in your stronger leads - those who are interested in signing up for your newsletter are by the very act, strong leads.

Use this interest to its full advantage. Nurture them. Keep them informed by sending out news about your brand, new releases and exclusive content to them. You’ll find that those active on your email lists will separate themselves as strong customers, and eventually, long-term, loyal customers.

2. Nurture long-term relationships

Email is a powerful way to nurture your customer leads into brand-loyal, repeat customers. You can use your email campaign and flow results to find which members on your list are your VIPs & repeat customers.

You can further segment these audiences by their behaviours and base your messaging on these factors. Email platforms have options to separate these audiences into segments, so you can prepare a flow based on your relationships and make the recipient feel special. Keep in touch with them throughout the year and watch your customer relationship grow!

3. Boost your sales

And of course, Sales! Email is HUGE for conversions. We use email campaigns for our clients and see HUGE percentages of sales come from these. Across the industry, for every 10 add-to-carts, about 7 of these are abandoned. This means that when we advertise and optimize for add-to-carts, only approximately 30% will follow through on the purchase.

That’s 70% that went to purchase and simply didn’t follow through, for whatever reason. But email is a powerful way to recapture some of this 70%. Use an abandon cart flow and remind your customers what they’re missing. This is often enough to pull through another amount of customers to finish their purchase. Still have a few incomplete purchases? Why not send a follow-up to your follow-up and offer 10% off. Who can say no to a bargain?

Email is one of the many platforms we at Social Media Elite use to push our clients marketing to the next level. Want that for your company? Check out what we do, or contact us for more information.

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