Helping New Parents To Prepare

Helping New Parents To Prepare



Our Client wanted to provide value to their customers, engage with new potential audiences and build up a personalised messaging system to recommend suitable products and drive traffic to their website. 


We had noticed that some of our most engaged videos and ads we’re “How to use” and “Product Guides”. We knew we had to utilise this to resonate with this audience on behalf of our client. 

  • We worked with our Client to create a checklist of all essential items 

This checklist was to make sure everyone felt confident and prepared that they have everything covered. 

The next step was getting this Guide out to our audience. We decided on a chatbot messaging campaign where the Checklist could be received to the customers phone straight from Facebook Messenger. 

  • Hit Send – Receive Free Guide
  • Once consent was granted, we asked the customer what their favourite products were

Then we were able to group people based on their responses and tailor follow up messages to suit the person who had opted in, providing them with more value and product information depending on their needs. 


We had over 8,000 people opt in to this checklist driving huge amounts of traffic to the website over the course of a couple of weeks, in which our retargeting campaigns could pick up at a later date, creating a really strong funnel for our client. 

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