Success Through Teaching

Success Through Teaching

Success Through Teaching.



Our client wanted to run a 30% Off weekend promo in October 2020. The hope was this would help us help them achieve their monthly targets of €17,000 in sales.


We ran ongoing awareness ads throughout the year. Utilising the marketing funnel, we could turn awareness into results by guiding the customer along the purchase journey.

  • We built awareness throughout the year with tutorial videos on how to use the clients product. 
  • These videos were optimised for ThruPlays and Link Clicks. A ThruPlay is when a video is viewed for at least 15 seconds.

The awareness of the brand and engagement developed through these videos had to be utilised to develop a stronger interest level in the product offerings and start to warm up our audience. 

We suggested that a competition might be the best way to accomplish this, so in the weeks leading up to the promo weekend, we ran an event giving those who had followed our “How To” videos a chance to win over €500 worth of products.

  • Each person to enter the competition was also given the chance to sign up to our newsletter to be first in line to hear about future promotions, events & giveaways 
  • This competition generated over 600 leads

When the time came to launch the 30% Off Weekend Promo, the customer had been guided by us from awareness of the brand, to an active interest in its activities. We now introduced the decision making level of engagement to our audience.

We knew by this stage we had a warm and interested audience, so we expected the momentum and engagement to follow through. The sale was advertised via Facebook, Instagram Feeds & Stories while customers who signed up to our newsletter received advanced notice the day before.


The weekend sale was a huge success! Remember when I said our monthly targets were €17,000 for the month?

We hit €17,500 in that weekend alone! Of that over €8,500 was generated through our Paid Social Ads, 49% of our clients overall sales. Not bad for a weekend, but this is a fantastic example of how the work for a great weekend is done far in advance.

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