How To Turn Free Content Viewers Into Engaged Customers

How To Turn Free Content Viewers Into Engaged Customers



Gather new audiences from different avenues by providing free value. We worked with our client to create free content spread out over a week just before Christmas, starting on December 15th, targeting our clients Instagram following exclusively. 


We began with an email campaign. Through viewing Instagram Story content, viewers would “Swipe Up” to opt into a free group consisting of live workouts for a period of one week to get people feeling great before Christmas. 

  • We asked for their name and email address
  • We sent them a link to a private group where they could access the workouts 
  • All live videos were saved and could then be accessed by members at a time that suited them 


Through the Instagram campaign, over 250 people swiped up to take part in the live workouts! 

Since then over 45 people have signed up to full extensive plans with our clients and become valuable customers representing a conversion rate of 18%. 

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