Standing Out From The Crowd On Black Friday

Standing Out From The Crowd On Black Friday



After the year that was 2020, our client wanted to have an especially strong Black Friday weekend sale. To accomplish this, they offered 30% across their entire product range. We moved quickly to ensure our client had the necessary content required to accomplish their Black Friday targets.


Being a highly competitive time for ad placements, we paid extremely close attention to the time of day our ads were scheduled for, their run time and the actions of our clients competitors. 

  • We optimised all of our ads for purchases 

We started out the weekend campaign with three graphics of varying styles and designs, different colours, motion graphics and static graphics. At the initial launch of our Black Friday campaign, each of these were allocated equal budget and targeting the same audiences. However, as time went on we continually reviewed ad performance and optimised accordingly. 

  • The weakest performing variation was paused and its budget allocated into the strongest
  • We made this decision based on engagement, clicks, and of course, purchases

The process of optimising these ads also provided valuable insights into the creative process and idea generation of what we might do for this particular client in future campaigns. We learned what colour and text styles and variations we could utilise to ensure our performance improved with each subsequent campaign. 


The Black Friday campaign was a resounding success for our client. Over the course of the weekend our graphics generated over 13 times return on ad spend! 

The strong result for our client was only made sweeter by the learning into our audience we obtained through optimisation, we look forward to delivering our client even stronger results with this knowledge in the future. 

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