Framing E-Commerce Messages With Ad-Text For Impactful Results

Framing E-Commerce Messages With Ad-Text For Impactful Results



In the face of Covid-19 and shadows of Brexit, our client wanted to put a huge emphasis on supporting local Irish Brands alongside their multinational offerings. Rather than be an aspect of a campaign, we decided to run this as a separate “Support Irish” campaign with only Irish products included to ensure businesses were benefiting especially during the busy gifting period.


There has been a huge surge in online support for small Irish businesses has been seen amid recent Covid-19 restrictions, with hundreds of thousands of comments and posts using hashtags such as #BuyIrish, #ShopLocal and #SupportSmallBusiness posted on Facebook and Instagram over the last couple of months, our client wanted to play their part in this.

Our client created their in house “Proud To Be Irish, Proud To Support Irish” marketing campaign that we supported through paid social media ads.

We began with building awareness through video product reviews that reflected the importance of supporting small Irish businesses during trying times.
To develop our audiences Interest, we crafted blog posts that acted as Gift Guides for the Irish products that were being highlighted throughout the Support Irish Campaign.

  • Each level of engagement was retargeted with Irish Product Carousels
    We also included - “Support Irish Brands Online Today ☘️ “ into all of our Christmas gifting campaigns to further promote this country wide campaign during the online busy season and do our part to help small Irish businesses transition to the online market.
    We expected very strong results for the campaign based on initial engagement and interest, but we could not believe how the national community got behind our message.


The Support Irish Campaign brought in roughly 25 times return on ad spend! This whole campaign provided us fantastic insight into our audiences. We decided that this messaging resonated so strongly with Irish People it shouldn’t end with this campaign or client. We adapted the messaging to suitable clients and were again rewarded with strong results.

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